Last Update: 4/2/00

12 Hole Tie Block Design

I started to use the 12 hole tie block bridge design about five years ago. I had seen several luthiers using this design and decided to try it out. What I like the best about this design is that you can have a sharper break angle from the saddle, or in this case saddle pins, to the tie block. It also allows for a more predicatable and consistent string angle from string to string. This is especially useful with flamenco guitars that require a low saddle height.

The look is very clean.

Here is a close up of the break angle over the
saddle pins to the tie block.

The above design requires a double loop on the treble strings.
They can slip if they are not tied correctly.
The above image shows one way to tie the treble strings.
There is no need to worry about the basses.
The windings allow for enough grip on the string.

This is what it looks like on a traditional
Spanish style bridge. You will notice that the instrument
has not been finished in this photo. I test the instruments and give them
their final adjustments before the finish is put on.

I have recently developed my own unique design for the 12 hole bridge.
You will notice in this photo that the treble strings do not require the extra loop.
This is achieved by filing a "V" shaped slot along the length of the tie block between the two sets of holes.

This is what it looks like on the finished instrument.