Last Update: 12/23/05

Inside a 1983 John Gilbert Guitar

Bracing pattern.

Rosette. Let's take a look inside!

Heel block, Beach 5 ply laminated lining, and beveled back strip.

Back-Upper Transverse bar.

Back-Waist bar and lining.

Back-Beveled back reinforcement strip.

Top-Heel block and upper transverse bars. This photo was shot into a mirror. Note John's signature and date. He actually writes them backwards so that in the reflection of a mirror it appears to be correct and not backwards.

Top-Close up of upper transverse bars.

Top-John's second signature written normal and not backwards which is why it appears backwards in this mirror shot.

Top-Treble side bracing.

Top-Bracing view from soundhole.

Top-Treble side bracing.

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