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Randy Rhoads Tribute

The photos below were taken at the International Guitar Research Archive Exhibit
at CSU, Northridge in October 2005. Dr. Ron Purcell (IGRA Founder) was being honor for his work.
Among the contributors and exhibitors were Delores Rhoads, mother of Randy Rhoads, and her family.
As a contributor to this event I got to meet Delores Rhoads and her family.
I'm currently writting an article on Randy Rhoads's classical guitar influence which
you rockers and classical players will find very interesting. It features info that
has never been published about Randy's music.
Article Complete: A Classical Guitar Tribute To A Rock and Roll Madman
Enjoy the following photos!

This was the proto-type for Randy's famous guitar.

Here is the real thing!

Front view of the Rhoads Flying Vee!

Display description.

At the IGRA Exhibition the students of Dr.Ron Purcell and CSUN gave a performance. This is the CSUN guitar quartet. The guitarist second from the left and the one all the way to the right played "Crazy Train" later in the program on bass and electric guitar.

Dr. Ron Purcell, founder of IGRA, introduces Steve Thachuk. Steve and his twin brother auditioned for Ozzy in the 1980's. Dr. Thachuk is the current head of guitar studies at CSUN.

CSUN students rocking out on Crazy Train in tribute to the Rhoads family who was in attendance and recognized for their contribution to the IGRA exhibit.

Here I am with Delores Rhoads. I had just told her how her son Randy was one of the reasons I got into classical guitar. I'm sure she has heard that thousands of times, but she was very excited to hear that and we both got choked up.

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