Last Update: 10/19/15

Guitar for Bob Georgiev

Model: Lattice Guitar


Santos Rosewood for back and sides.

Internal frame.

Laminating the sides.

Removing one of the sides from laminating mold.

Pair of sides complete.


Glueing the soundboard halves.

Soundboard ready for rosette.

Rosette inlaid and soundhole cut. Top thickness sanded ready for bracing.

Making the frame.

Making the frame. Neck pocket.

Carbon fiber "A" frame reinforcement and neck pivot.

Carbon fiber "A" frame. Ready for sides.

Bass sides glued onto frame.

Making the lattice bracing.

Carbon fiber reinforcement.

Sanding lattice to fit soundboard arching.

Gluing the head onto neck.

Baljak tuning machines.

Tuners in the head.

Neck ready for heel block and frets.

Vacuum clamping balsa lattice and carbon fiber

Shaping the lattice.

Making the bridge.

Capping the lattice with 6k carbon fiber tow.

Gluing the bridge.

Soundboard ready to glue to body.

Ready to glue the top on.

Freq.=103 Hz
Oct 2 G#

Freq.=145 Hz
Oct 3 D

Freq.=189 Hz
Oct 3 F#

Freq.=253 Hz
Oct 3 B

Freq.=297 Hz
Oct 4 D

Freq.=507 Hz
Oct 4 B

Freq.=605 Hz
Oct 5 D#

Freq.=667 Hz
Oct 5 E

Freq.=745 Hz
Oct 5 F#

Freq.=831 Hz
Oct 5 G#

Testing set up. Back clamped on. Tone generator and speaker. Salt sprinkled on the top for mode patterns.

Body complete. Final sanding

Final sanding.

The back and sides.

Applying the finish.

Final coat ready to buff out

Buffing out the finish.

Body complete.

Neck buffed out.

Baljak tuners.

Tuners installed. Ready to attach neck to body.

Strung up and ready for set up.

Hoffeee custom carbon fiber case.

Hoffee case.

Guitar ready to pack and ship.

The back.

End graft.

End graft.

Baljak tuners.

Top view.

Matte finish on soundboard. Very thin seal coats of finish.

Macassar ebony armrest.

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