Last Update: 10/31/01

Homage to the Masters

Welcome to my latest web page, "Homage to the Spanish Masters". This section of my web site is dedicated to the influence, style, and tradition of the Spanish guitar.

My first feature is a guitar that I'm making for Ruben Delgado of Fresno, California. Ruben is a recording artist, composer, arranger, publisher, teacher, and performer. Ruben is known for his expressive performance and arrangements of Mexican music. He has been published by Mel Bay and through his own company, "Mr. D's Music". Mr. Delgado likes a guitar with a rich traditional Spanish sound rooted in the style of Torres. I used Richard Brune's drawing of Segovia's 1912 Manuel Ramirez for the basic design. I used the heel shape and Spanish heel construction as done by Jose Romanillos. The head is in the traditional "Torres" style. Although this guitar looks like a flamenco due to it's cypress sides and back, it is a classical guitar. It is currently being French polished. I will add more photos soon. So check back frequently! For more about Mr. Delgado visit

Ruben Delgado writes:

The guitar sounds great. It is really different from the other one.
They both have different personalities and voices. This one has
an evocative sound that's very Spanish. It could almost pass
as an extremely fine flamenco guitar. The response is
immediate but firm, and the rasgeados sound great. Each
rasgeado have an inner strength that comes through with
each strum. Overall, the guitar has a clear, supported sound.
I just can't say enough about it. It is great for the Latin music.
I just wish I had more time this week to play it.

Take it easy, and thanks again for the great guitar.

Just thought I would give you a progress report. Remember I told you this
was a great guitar, well, it got better. I can't believe it. This must be
what a real Hauser sounds like; or a Romanillos. This is literally one of
the best guitars I have ever played. It is just great! I can bet that these
will be very popular. Anyone would be crazy to pass up a guitar like this.

I'll talk with you soon.

Now for some photos of this guitars birth and a glimpse into the Spanish style of construction.