Last Update: 7/08/02

Nail Rings

I was first introduced to the use of nail rings, or nail hooks, by composer, teacher, guitarist, and co-inventor of the G.R.A.N. guitar, Anatoliy Olshanskiy. Anatoliy and his duet partner Vladimir Ustinov stayed with us in Sherman Oaks California in the early 1990's. I was told that in India and in Asia that this was a common practice used by those who grow extremely long fingernails. This was to help strengthen them. It was also a fashion statement. Some of the nail hooks are quite fancy with jewels and inlay.

Anatoliy would soak his finger in hot water and then apply the "nailrings". They would help to curve the fingernail. They can be left on the nail as you practice, but don't do any rasgueados! If you have problems with your nails being to flat or are irregularly shaped, give this a try.

Here is a close up of the brass nail hook. The material can be purchased at a hobby shop or hardware store. Cut a narrow strip about 1/16" square, hook the ends, and bend it to the desired shape.

It almost looks like a piercing.

It hooks right over the edges of the nail.

Try it on different fingers. Or, make a set for all of them.