Segovia Scales
Practice Schedule

The following chart will help you to organize daily practice of the "Segovia" scales. This chart is used by the students of Prof. Ronald C. Purcell at California State University, Northridge. The Segovia "Diatonic Major and Minor Scales" can be ordered from Guitar Solo Publications in San Francisco. The catalog number is CO 127 and the cost is only $4.50.

Segovia Scales Practice Schedule

Fingering Pattern Mode Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
I Major C D Db Eb C D Db
II minor a f# g# f g a f#
III Major G A B F# Ab Bb G
IV minor e e e e e e e
V Major E E E E E E E
VI minor b bb b bb b bb b
VII Major F F F F F F F
VIII minor c# d# c d c# d# c

Suggested Right Hand Fingering:

These fingerings for the right hand come from the suggestion of Eliot Fisk. There are only eight left hand fingering patterns. Each pattern is practiced daily.Be sure to practice all the possible right hand two finger combinations. Do not neglect the right hand little finger "c"(chiquito). Use of the little finger will help balance the muscles of the right hand.Pick one leading pattern per day. Practice rest and free stroke.

Right hand combinations:

Indice leading:        im     ia     ic     ip
Medio leading:         mi     ma     mc     mp
Anular leading:        ai     am     ac     ap
Chiquito leading:      ci     cm     ca     cp
Pulgar leading:        pi     pm     pa     pc