Last Update: 05/16/18

Guitar for Mikel Soria

Model: Miguel Rodriguez


Thicknessing the neck blank.

Gluing the head/neck scarf joint.

Lay out of head and preparing to glue head plate.

Head plate and veneers glued on and head routed to shape with hand shaping of details.

Routing string slots.

ramping string slots and beveling the slots. Final detailing.

Heel carving and slotting for sides..

Back view of neck. Ready for sides and soundboard to be attached.

Thicknessing the back.

Thicknessing the soundboard.

Attaching soundboard to the neck.

Bending sides and fitting them to soundboard.

Sides fitted and ready for lining.

Linings glued on. Sides glued to soundboard. Ready for fitting the back.

Back center reinforcement strip being glued on.

Gluing back braces.

Tail purfling glued in an leveled.

Gluing the back on.

Back glued on and ready for binding and purfling.

Making the binding and side purfling.

'Bee Stings" and the heel cap. Binding and purfling complete.

Body binding and purfling complete.

Ready for fingerboard and bridge.

Fretboard glued on and leveled. Ready for frets.

Fretted and ready for shaping of the neck.

Shaping the neck.

Guitar finished and ready for strings.

Back view.

Head stock.

Heel pufling

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