Last Update: 6/5/13

"T" Bracing Method

The "T" bracing method was developed by John and William Gilbert. The advantage of this type of brace is that you can control the strength and weight much easier then with traditional braces. My test have shown that the "T" brace is lighter and stronger in comparison to the "traditional" braces.

Traditional brace profiles.

The "T" brace is made up of three pieces of spruce. The outer struts are .080" square, while the middle strut is .080" thick and .300" tall.

The outer struts are glued to the outside bottom edges of the middle strut.

Here is what it looks like compared to the traditional braces.

Close up of the transverse bar.

Here we have the main transverse strut surrounded by the fan struts.

This is a top braced in the Gilbert style using "T" braces.

Here is 2012 Schramm top built with a copy of David Russell's 1988 No.117 Gilbert "T" bracing.

Close up of the fan struts.

Another close up.