Last Update: 02/24/13

Guitar for Andrew Grippe

Model: Lattice Guitar


Soundboard ready for lattice bracing.

Construction of internal frame.

Head ready for detailing.

Back grain Option 1.

Back grain Option 2.

Attaching sides to frame.

Attaching sides.

Sides attached.

"A" frame ready for carbon fiber.

Carbon fiber epoxied to "A" frame

Neck and heel pocket routed.

Lattice ready to glue to soundboard.

Padauk bridge.

Vacuum clamping lattice and carbon fiber 12k tow.

Shaping and voicing the lattice bracing prior to capping.

Capping stage. Vacuum clamping carbon fiber tow to the voiced lattice.

Fitting fingerboard to neck.

Neck and fingerboard.

Attaching lining.

Molding the back in the vacuum press.

Back removed from vacuum press.

Fitting back to body.

Final stage of carbon fiber application to perimeter and capping of braces.

Bridge glued on. Fitting the soundboard.

Back attached ready for purfling and binding.

Soundboard attached ready for purfling,binding, and arm rest.

Ready for arm rest.

Fitting arm rest. Body complete. Ready for finish sanding.

Back view of body. Ready for finish sanding.

Head shaping and detailing.

Head detailing.

Ready to glue fingerboard and heal block.

Fitting fingerboard.

20th fret extension.

Shaping neck.

Final sanding and shaping stage for the neck.

Final detailing of the head and neck.

Ready for fretting and position dots.

Neck complete. First coat of vinyl sealer.

First coat of vinyl sealer.

Applying first coat of vinyl sealer to the body.

Finish application.

Finish application to back and sides.

Finish application to the back.

Final coat of finish on the head. Ready to cure and buff out.

Final coat of finish on the neck. Ready to cure and buff out.

Nearing final finish application of the top.

Just a few coats away from final application.

Spectacular back!

Final coat of lacquer applied. Waiting to cure.

Final coat of satin lacquer applied to soundboard. Waiting to cure.

Final coat of lacquer applied. Waiting to cure.

Andrew Grippe Senior Recital David Schramm 2013

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