Last Update: 01/08/17

Fresno City College

Music 27 Begining Guitar
Instructor: D.Schramm

Click Here for Music 27 Course outline (Syllabus).

What Type of Guitar is Required?

Here is a common question that I am asked:

Should we use electric guitars, steel-string guitars or nylon-string guitars?

When writing the Fresno City College Curriculum for guitar, it was decided the nylon-string guitar would be the standard.

I recommend two popular brands and models. The Yamaha C40 and the Cordoba "Protege" C1.

Here is a list of some of the reasons why we use nylon-string guitars at FCC:

FCC Music 27 Handouts.
Remember that the better you become the more fun it is to play! Donít be upset by the results you didnít get with the work you didnít do.
It takes practice to build good techniques into habits.
So, practice often and enjoy!

Some recommended accessories:

Dunlop .060" Tortex Guitar picks. Fender 351 Medium Guitar picks


SpiderCapo-Standard. For Steel string acoustic guitars.

SpiderCapo XXL- for 7-8 String Guitars, 6 String Bass. This works for nylon string guitar 12th fret method used in our class.



Guitar Support (Instructor uses this instead of footstool):


Recommended Online Source:
Strings By Mail

Great Web sites and tools to help your playing:

www.FresnoGuitarLessons.netLocal guitar lessons for Fresno.

www.ClovisGuitarLessons.comLocal guitar lessons for Clovis

***FREE Online Metronome***Instructors first choice.

***FREE Online Metronome***

artistworks.comOne of the best Online guitar instruction. Study with world renown guitarists for $30 a month. Paul Gilbert (Rock), Jason Vieaux (Classical), Martin Taylor(Fingerstyle), Brian SUtton (Flatpick), and Andreas Oberg(Jazz). Country Guitar lessons!

GuitarInstructor.comAll styles. Sheet music, dvd's, downloads, etc...

iVideosongs.comSong specific. All levels and styles.

guitarzoom.comOnline and DVD Guitar lessons in all styles.

metalmethod.comOnline and DVD Metal and Rock guitar lessons.

Music Theory for Guitar

Metronome Techniques by Frederick Franz Free music scores from the public domain.

Note Reading Tools:

Music 4 Classical Guitar Heron Creek

The foundation for Music 27 is the nylon string classical guitar. To give you an idea of what classical guitar is, here are some videos:
Los Angeles Guitar Quartet (LAGQ) Performing Pachelbel's "Loose Canon"
Great example of the versatility of the Classical guitar.
Scott Tennant (One of Prof.Schramm's teachers) performing "Campanas del Alba."
One of the world's greatest guitarists!" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen> Ben Verdery plays "Mysterious Barricades"
Goerge Sakellariou performing "Tio-Ti"
(another one of Prof. Schramm's teachers)
Pepe Romero performing Zapateado & Fantasia from 'Suite Andalucia' by Celedonio Romero
..and yes, your instructor does play electric guitar too!
"Rams Jams" at Fresno City College, November 20, 2014.
This is an example of our end of the semester performance. This piece was arrangedand conducted by FCC guitar instructor Dr. Kevin Cooper. Soloist Dr. Corey Whitehead of CSU, Fresno. Students of Dr. Cooper-FCC, Dr. Whitehead CSUF, and David Schramm FCC.
"Rams Jams" at Fresno City College, December 1, 2011.
This is an example of our end of the semester performance. This piece was an arrangement by FCC guitar instructor David Schramm of Tito Puente's "Oye Como Va" for guitar ensemble. Conducted by Dr. Kevin Cooper.
Things Beginner Guitarists Say
Steve Vai "How to be Successful"
Steve Vai Interview on Practicing