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"Dave Schramm - a gifted young luthier, always experimenting."

Prof. Ronald C. Purcell
Founder of guitar program at California State University, Northridge.


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My favorite Classical guitar strings: D'Addario EJ46 Pro-Arte Classical Guitar Strings

My favorite Electric guitar strings: Ernie Ball Regular Slinky Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings 3 Pack - 10-46 Gauge

Fan braced Concert model

George Sakellariou Concert March 6, 2015

Fan braced "Sakellariou" model.

Fan braced Concert model

George Sakellariou in the recording studio with a 2013 Spruce and Indian Rosewood Concert model with fan bracing.

KMPH News Story: Classical Guitarist Known WOrldwide Uses Guitar Made in Fresno

Great Day Morning Showfeaturing a performance by George Sakellariou

Nemanja Ostoich on a 2012 Schramm Lattice guitar:

Lattice GuitarLattice Classical Guitar

Lattice Model


Lattice model concert guitar. Based on the lattice bracing principle, this new model features high tech construction methods, molded sides and a braceless back, adjustable action neck, carbon fiber and balsa wood lattice bracing.

Sound Sample (1mb)

Mel Bay's Guitar Sessions January 2007 article on "The Neo-Classical Lattice Guitar" by David Schramm

Ordering Information CLICK HERE

Information and model discriptions and photos.
Used Instruments for sale.

Sammy Hagar Guitar

Sammy Hagar and the "Red" guitar, a custom made one-of-a-kind Schramm nylon string guitar for the "RedRocker."

Schramm Rosette

David Schramm hand-crafted rosettes. Samples of past and present rosettes that I use in my guitars.

Paul McGuffin Live at the
Schramm HQ Celebrity Lounge, March 14, 2010
H1a Model Schramm Classical guitar

YouTube samples of a Schramm H1a model: Sample One Sample Two

Filmed live at the Schramm Guitars Headquarters celebrity lounge on a 2010 H1a:
"By the Time I Get to Phoenix"
"Theme-A Man & a Woman"

Schramm Guitars YouTube Channel


This link will take you to other audio/video samples of my guitars, workshop, interviews, etc...

David Schramm Graduate Recital
Date: Wednesday, December 14th, 2005
Sound Samples from live performance of David Schramm's Graduate Recital:
Fantasia-Celedonio Romero Mp3 (1.71 MB) 0:56

David Schramm Home Recording
Asteri tou Voria by Manos Hadjidakis. Mp3 (4mb)

Corey Whitehead and Alan Durst at the Kennedy Center March 29, 2008.
Dr. Whitehead is performing on a 2007 Schramm Flamenco guitar.

David Schramm 2005 Master's Degree Recital

David Schramm CSU, Fresno Graduate Recital
Date: Wednesday, December 14th, 2005

Six Pieces of the Renaissance -Anon.
Fantasia X Alonso Mudarra
Sonata in Emi Mateo Albeniz arr.Emilio Pujol
Concerto in D -Antonio Vivaldi
Fantasia Original -Jose Vinas
Serenata Espanola - J.Malats
Preludes I and II -H.Villa-Lobos
Asturia -Isaac Albeniz
Star of the North and Evening Stroll -Manos Hadjidakis arr.G.Sakellariou
Alegrias and Zapateado -Celedonio Romero
Fantasia -Celedonio Romero

This link will take you to photos that I have taken of the inside of rare, historic, and collectable guitars.
Currently there are images of 2001 Smallman, 1977 Miguel Rodriguez and a 1978 Miguel Rodriguez

Miguel Rodriguez Historical Replica

Formerly available only as a special order, the Schramm/Rodriguez model is now available as a replica!

The same scholarly research techniques used on the Schramm/Hauser style guitars was used to create an
instrument inspired by the great Andalusian luthier, Miguel Rodriguez.

The instruments of Miguel Rodriguez and John Gilbert have been the inspiration and influence for Schramm guitars
for nearly 30 years! Due to the many request for replicas of this style of instrument I am now taking orders for this model.

Schramm Guitar Photo Gallery

Want to know what a Schramm guitar looks like? Visit my "Photo Gallery." You will find photos of my instruments and maybe a few surprises!

Schramm Luthier

About the luthier. This page contains a brief bio and the sound David Schramm is seeking in his guitars.

Tonewoods. This link will take you to a page full of different tonewoods that are used in a Schramm guitar.

The American Guitar Society 80th Anniversary guitar.
Contributors to the IGRA Exhibition October 2005: Dr.Ron Purcell (IGRA Founder), Delores Rhoads (Mother of Randy Rhoads), and David Schramm

Randy Rhoads

Randy Rhoads Flying V at the 2005 IGRA Exhibition.

Emilio Pujol Vihuela

Emilio Pujol's Modern Vihuela.

Schramm Hauser Guitar

See photos of music composed by Josef Hauser. Father of the famous Hermann Hauser. Also view rare photos of a 1914 Josef Hauser Zither.

Julian Bream Lute

Julian Bream's 1967 Rubio lute in the Schramm workshop 2003.This lute belonged to my friend Greg Sherman who purchased it and a Romanillos guitar from Julian. It was later purchased by Ruben Delgado prior to the passing of Greg Sherman. It was later traded to a gentleman in Texas.

Hand-crafted rosettes from Russia.

Production rosette options. Choose your own rosette! These rosettes are used by many other luthiers such as Paul Jacobson, Eric Sahlin, myself, and others.

Schramm Apprentice

"Make your own Hauser style Guitar"
A CD-ROM version of the popular "Online-Apprentice" guitar making course. This version features the 1937 Hermann Hauser guitar making course. This linkwill take you to my ordering page.

"Make your own Miguel Rodriguez style Guitar"
A CD-ROM version of the popular "Online-Apprentice" guitar making course. This version features the Miguel Rodriguez style guitar making course. This linkwill take you to my ordering page.

See "step by step" how I make my rosettes.

Inlaying a rosette. This page has some helpful tips on how to inlay a rosette.

12 hole style tie block. A unique bridge design that is gaining in popularity. Find out why.

Monitoring Humidity, or "What's a sling psychrometer?"

John Gilbert

John Gilbert(1922-2012) is one of my greatest influences. I appreciate all the help he has given me over the past 17 years. Here are some articles and info by John Gilbert.

Please visit the Official Gilbert Guitars web site.

  1. Videos of Gilbert guitar
  2. Homage to John Gilbert Page
  3. Selecting a Guitar
  4. A Guitar Stringing Method
  5. Stringing Method Visual Tutorial
  6. Choosing Face Wood
  7. Intonation and Fret Placement
  8. John Gilbert Lutherie Tools and Techniques
  9. Fret Buzz Locating Tool
  10. Gilbert Tuning Machines
  11. Gilbert Saddle Pin Bridge
  12. Gilbert "T" bracing
  13. Inside a 1983 John Gilbert guitar.
  14. A brief look at features of a 1979 John Gilbert guitar.

Read the latest interview with John Gilbert in the Winter 2009, No. 100 issue of American Lutherie!

Jim Norris Tribute page
A web page dedicated to Chicago based luthier Jim Norris. Jim was a good friend of John Williams and built guitars in the Smallman style. We explore this mans contributions to the world of the guitar through photos and remembrances by those who knew him.

"Homage to the Spanish Masters"
A web page dedicated to the construction of the guitar in the Spanish style. These unique Schramm guitars are built in the style of AntonioTorres, Manuel Ramirez, Hermann Hauser, Santos Hernandez, Miguel Rodriguez, Jose Romanillos and others. Current feature is a guitar being built for Ruben Delgado.

Segovia scales practice schedule. This suggested outline was developed by Prof. Ronald C. Purcell at California State University, Northridge. Prof.Purcell was my teacher at CSUN where I received my B.M. degree in guitar performance.

Juan Serrano David Schramm

A interview with flamenco guitarist Juan Serrano. Part one.

Want to learn how to build guitars? Then check out The American School of Lutherie!

Nail Rings? If you have a problem with odd shaped or flat nails this just might be your solution!

Gran Guitar Schramm

GRAN-guitar. Learn about the history of this unique nylon/steel string hybrid guitar.

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